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The Amazon Code: How to Sell on Amazon and Make Millions Selling Name Brand Products Amazon Already Loves

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Finally, a simple guide to the steps and strategies you need to start building a multiple-figure Amazon business today.

Have you ever thought about what happens behind the scenes when you click “buy” on an Amazon product?

Chances are, you’ve put in the time to find the best price for what you want, and once it’s ordered, it’s out of your mind. 

But what about the people fulfilling that order?

With over two million active sellers on Amazon, more and more people are discovering the lucrative opportunities available to them as online distributors.

Now, you can create an online business that allows you to decide where and when you want to invest your time and energy – without breaking the bank. 

But recognizing those opportunities doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to take advantage of them, and that’s where The Amazon Code comes in. 

Drawing on years of experience, and utilizing methods that he has been refining for a decade, Todd J. Snively has compiled a comprehensive guide to help you start profiting through Amazon more easily than ever before.

In an increasingly technology-reliant world, online ventures are graduating from mere side hustles to booming businesses – and yours can be the next success story. 

The key is understanding how to develop a scalable, sustainable model that works within the existing system, rather than trying to cut corners to turn a profit.

In The Amazon Code, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

An honest discussion of common misconceptions and mistakes made by beginners and experienced sellers alikeThe simple approach to product selection that will protect you against market shocks and oversaturation How you can use the Wholesale Model of distribution to start turning a massive profit — and the important ways it differs from other Amazon business models The 40 key factors for determining if a product is worth selling on Amazon (and how to identify the most profitable options) What a “competitive seller” is, and why understanding this crucial term can make or break your success in the wholesale market The secret to scaling your business successfully (at whatever pace is best for you) In-depth explorations of trendy Amazon systems, including retail arbitrage and private labels… and the secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know about them

And much more…

You only get one life to live. Do you really want to spend these precious years working for other people? 

Whether you have a job with great benefits and tempting bonuses or one that you can’t wait to quit, there’s never been a better time to embrace the power of being your own boss.

If you don’t take a chance, you’ll never have the opportunity to reap the rewards of your work… so don’t wait another minute.

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